The Use Of Reference Laboratories For Immunohematology Is A Growing Trend In This Market.

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Moreover, rising demand for RBCs and platelets has resulted in an increased demand for HLA typing, which has subsequently accelerated the need of immunohematology. Screening of donor blood tests, such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and malaria, are the conventional tests performed in blood banks. To have a better comprehension of the blood typing, presence of Rh factor and to check the antibodies, the use of immunohematology is increasing. Read More Diagnostic laboratories For the purpose of immunohematology testing, the diagnostic laboratories are categorized into clinical diagnostic laboratories and reference laboratories . Clinical diagnostic laboratories carry out the test for individuals who are pertaining to diagnosis. These laboratories can work on the single operation or can be controlled by hospitals. The use of reference laboratories for immunohematology is a growing trend in this market. These laboratories provide reference testing of serology, type of extensive antigens present in blood, and molecular blood group determination. With the European region opting for advanced immunohematology studies such as transfusion medicine, manufacturers like Grifols serves the need of reference laboratories and hospitals. Similarly, reference laboratories in APAC countries like Singapore such as 24-hour Cross-Match Laboratory help to deliver services to various hospitals.

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