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That Ball Was Hit a Country Mile, or 495 Feet if Youre Into Hard Data

For two seasons now, the results of MLBAM’s spy work have been available to the public on its Statcast website. The home-run analysis system employs TrackMan radar that sits about 100 feet behind home plate, usually in a stadium’s second tier. To measure nonbatting events, stereoscopic cameras are set up in two arrays of three, 30 to 50 feet apart usually on the third-base side, attached to the underhang of the second or third tier. “We’re just getting started,” said Matt Gould, the communications director for MLBAM. “Having hardware in ballparks, that was the big step. There never was that level of equipment in parks that could measure all things the system is trying to measure, from the pitch delivery to the conclusion of the event.” Broadcasters who work in partnership with MLBAM can tap into all sorts of information, such as the odds that a certain outfielder will catch a certain fly ball. Or the chances that a specific base runner will reach third base on a specific single. Or the fact that the Yankees’ Aaron Hicks threw the ball in from the outfield at 105.5 m.p.h. to nail a runner at the plate. Reggie Jackson’s home-run swing during the 1971 All-Star Game.

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Four and a half hours later, enough time for their testosterone levels to peak and stabilize, the men returned to the lab. They sat down at a computer and took several tests — a math test, a mood questionnaire and the C.R.T. For the men with extra testosterone, their moods hadn’t changed much, but their ability to analyze carefully had. They were, on average, 35 percent more likely to make the intuitive mistake on the bat and ball question. They were also rushed in their bad judgment and gave incorrect answers faster than the men with normal testosterone levels, while taking longer to generate correct answers. Some will shrug and say that making a mistake on a sneaky word problem isn’t a concern in daily life, but researchers are discovering that these reasoning errors could affect financial markets. A team of neuroeconomists, led by Dr. Nadler, along with Paul J. Zak at Claremont Graduate University, gave 140 male traders either testosterone gel or a placebo. The next day, the traders came back into the lab and participated in an asset trading simulation. The results are disturbing.

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